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Lotus F1 Partnership With EMC To Achieve Global Formula 1 Domination.

“The partnership between EMC and Lotus F1 Team provides us the IT technology we need to become world champion.”  Patrick Louis, CEO of Lotus F1 Team, on today’s announcement of a technology pa... Read More >>

The Payback from Backup Transformation – Part 3

Lady Backup will conclude this series looking at a recent IDC analysis that quantifies the business benefits from backup transformation.  In Part 2, we looked at the categories of savings from co... Read More >>

Will IT hardware providers become IT utility providers in 5 years time?

This week I was invited to attend a multi-supplier strategy workshop with one of our clients.  The purpose of the workshop was to look at their future storage strategy and all the major industry ve... Read More >>

NHS trust breaches DPA – have lessons been learnt?

In light of another NHS trust being found to have broken the Data Protection Act (DPA), as a senior manager in the public sector, you may be concerned about how your body can avoid the same fate. ... Read More >>

Facebook’s data storage set to be investigated

Facebook's storage management could come under intense scrutiny, as the Data Protection Commissioner has launched an investigation into the website's handling of personal details. Concerns ha... Read More >>

EMC’s Fast tiering solution is the way forward

Have you embraced tiering as part of your data storage management? If not, it could be time to think again. As Chris Mellor, writing for The Register, simply states: "One size does not fit a... Read More >>

The Isle of Man is sailing to the Cloud

The Guardian reports in an article that the Isle of Man Government has set up a cloud based infrastructure for its public services, moving more than 1,000 applications including email, financial accou... Read More >>

Will you motivate staff towards unified storage?

It is important to get employee support for green business initiatives - especially as these are the workers who will be faced with any changes. This is according to head of business at Global ... Read More >>

EMC leads ECB disk storage market, Gartner says

The worldwide external controller-based (ECB) market is currently led by EMC, which for the second quarter of this year took a 31.5 per cent share. This is according to a new study by Gartner, whic... Read More >>

Efficient IT ‘can include carbon reduction software’

Unified storage is one way organisations can deploy efficient IT, as less capacity - and therefore potentially fewer servers - are needed to store data. However, another route firms could also take... Read More >>