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Tag: backup transformation

The Payback from Backup Transformation – Part 3

Lady Backup will conclude this series looking at a recent IDC analysis that quantifies the business benefits from backup transformation.  In Part 2, we looked at the categories of savings from co... Read More >>

The Payback from Backup Transformation – Part 2

Lady Backup continues with Part 2 in looking at a recent IDC analysis that shows the business benefits from backup transformation with EMC. As we reviewed in Part 1, there is a clear financial bene... Read More >>

Backup Transformation: What’s Your Next Move?

Lady Backup is a bit of a strategist.  I like to look forward, to anticipate moves.  For this reason, I adore chess – the ability to process a series of “what if” scenarios to make the best de... Read More >>

Backup Transformation: Let’s Get Serious Here (Part 2)

Lady Backup started this series by highlighting a Webcast that provided 3 steps to backup transformation.  If you missed it, you can watch it on demand here. But I  think that still might not be ... Read More >>

Backup Transformation – Who Can You Trust?

Lady Backup is a contingency planner.  Truth be told, I have a bit of an obsession with “what if” scenarios.  I keep backups of my data – and then backups of the backups stored on different de... Read More >>

Quenching Thirst of Parched Data Centers

Lady Backup has spent the last 3 weeks in 3 different desert regions.  It’s been glorious – sunny and 38C or hotter. Here in Las Vegas for EMC World, the analogy was made to rain water in the ... Read More >>

Get On the Road to Backup Freedom

Lady Backup has a thing for cars.  The faster the better.  I am not as much of a motorcycle girl.  I probably would have a different view had I not badly burned my leg on a motorcycle when I was a ... Read More >>

The Meaning of Transformation: EMC World Day 1

Greetings from a hot Las Vegas!  Lady Backup traveled thousands of miles and many time zones to join 15,000 of my closest friends for EMC World 2012. This is my 7th EMC World and in the time I’v... Read More >>

Disaster Recovery: Planning, before the horse bolts

This week EMC announced the findings of its research into the state of Disaster Recovery readiness amongst businesses in a number of countries in the Middle East, Turkey and Morocco. The study reve... Read More >>

Backup Redesign: A closer look at Networker

As a Product Marketing Manager, it’s very hard sometimes to give each product in a portfolio equal airtime. Different products whether software or hardware develop at different paces. Why am I sayin... Read More >>