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The next evolutionary stage of the automotive industry

In my last post, “Digitisation and the automobile production line”, I talked about how automobile manufacturers are starting to embrace digitisation and how this could be fine-tuned to improve the... Read More >>

Innovation: strategy and sustainability. Not only technology

I recently had the opportunity to present EMC’s innovation journey to a variety of customers of all sizes, experiencing the digital shift in different industries and it was very evident that while m... Read More >>

Why consumable apps are the next generation of ECM

As we all know, content is a premium asset for organisations in today’s knowledge-based and data-driven society. In fact, a recent EMC study on today’s Information Generation found that there are... Read More >>

The integrated digital healthcare revolution – taking the burden away from general hospitals

The French health care system is ranked number 1 in the world and has achieved so much notoriety that our neighbours in the UK are going to allow two of our providers to treat patients across the chan... Read More >>

The Basics of ‘What’ & ‘Why’ Object Storage

We have all had it drummed into use many times that the storage explosion is around content-based storage rather than traditional transactional storage, and although object storage has been around for... Read More >>

9th December, 2014

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