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Winning Customers’ Trust is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage

With the unprecedented explosion of new technologies which have created new business models and trends, IT vendors need to sharpen their competitive advantage to make sure they are not giving space to... Read More >>

Protection Storage Architecture Is Priceless, Part IV

Architecture is priceless, and history wants to make architects pay dearly. According to legend, after the completion of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Tsar Ivan the Terrible gouged out the ar... Read More >>

Protection Storage Architecture Is Priceless, Part III“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness,” Frank Gehry. During the EMC Backup Recovery Systems’ ... Read More >>

EMC Disk Library: Cut the Tape, Defrost Your Mainframe

You might be wondering: Brain freeze and mainframe – what’s the connection? The brain part should be obvious.  Mainframes process the most critical transactions and store the most important da... Read More >>

Cloud adoption: Why are some organisations struggling to get traction?

From my conversations with customers it is evident that CIO’s are continuing to strive to be at the heart of value creation. Generally speaking the top three goals for CIO’s in 2013 are: - Pr... Read More >>

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