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GDPR Post Brexit – Are You Getting Ready?

The European General Data Protection Regulation presents the most significant change to data protection in the UK and EU since 1995.  It’s been discussed in the EU for the last four years so hopefu... Read More >>

4th July, 2016

The On-going Threat of Social Engineering

I spoke recently at a meeting of the Dublin, Ireland chapter of ISACA about the continued (and increasing) use of social engineering in cyberattacks discussed in several recent reports, including the ... Read More >>

16th June, 2015

Compliance by Design – RSA Conference

It's not often that I get to share the stage with a legal expert. But at this year's RSA Conference US, Hayden Delaney and I gave a session on Compliance by Design, an emerging discipline that is rapi... Read More >>

8th May, 2015

What are the catalysts for the hybrid cloud – People, Process and Technology

We spend a lot of time talking about hybrid cloud… but what’s the conversation like in businesses today? To find out, in a couple of weeks’ time, I’ll be hosting a public Twitter chat on hybri... Read More >>

Putting Advanced Cyber Defence Into Action

If you drive east on the M4 into London, just after crossing into Brentford you'll see a very striking sign.  It's the EMC/RSA sign for Advanced Cyber Defense. When I was in the UK last week, even my... Read More >>

17th April, 2015

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