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Acting today to tackle the diseases of tomorrow

Today’s software is only as intelligent as the information it processes. But traditional software’s rigid structure does not allow for processes to evolve, change or adapt based on individual circ... Read More >>

Why healthcare organisations should take the plunge with data lakes

With public sector funding cuts, healthcare organisations are continuing to look for ways to be more efficient in their day to day business. But healthcare organisations cannot improve efficiencies wi... Read More >>

The time for telehealth is now!

A few weeks ago at eHealth Week, the topic of telehealth kept coming up in discussions. Not to state the obvious, but telehealth involves using technology to enable healthcare professionals to remotel... Read More >>

The challenges facing healthcare’s digital future

I recently attended the UK HIMSS Executive Leadership Conference, where this year’s focus was on building apps and solutions on top of Electronic Patient Records (EPRs). However, from my discuss... Read More >>

Could IoT help to sustain the NHS?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly becoming the new telemedicine. Just a few weeks ago it was announced that the NHS introduced some new major trials to improve patient care. At the World Economic... Read More >>

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