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Digitisation and the Automobile production line

The automotive industry is on the cusp of its biggest evolutionary change since the Far East started production in the 1960s. Car manufacturers are no longer just hardware producers; they are beginnin... Read More >>

Lotus F1 Partnership With EMC To Achieve Global Formula 1 Domination.

“The partnership between EMC and Lotus F1 Team provides us the IT technology we need to become world champion.”  Patrick Louis, CEO of Lotus F1 Team, on today’s announcement of a technology pa... Read More >>

Big Data is Big – and Security! – at EMCworld 2014.

I’m at EMCworld 2014 this week, coordinating the security-related sessions, meeting with customers and doing briefings. There hasn’t been time for me to go to any sessions other than the RSA ones,... Read More >>

Analysis Paralysis: Avoiding This With The EMC Leader 2020 Report.

You don’t have to speak to many CEOs to get a real and immediate sense of how challenging the market is for companies today with analysis paralysis. Many of them are seeing their markets disrupted b... Read More >>

SPARKS Smart Grid Project Kicks Off

As I’ve mentioned in several earlier blogs, EMC is participating in a major EU-funded project on security for the SPARKS Smart Grid. The project has now officially started and we’ve put up a publi... Read More >>

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