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The integrated digital healthcare revolution – taking the burden away from general hospitals

The French health care system is ranked number 1 in the world and has achieved so much notoriety that our neighbours in the UK are going to allow two of our providers to treat patients across the chan... Read More >>

Big Data is Big – and Security! – at EMCworld 2014.

I’m at EMCworld 2014 this week, coordinating the security-related sessions, meeting with customers and doing briefings. There hasn’t been time for me to go to any sessions other than the RSA ones,... Read More >>

EMC world 2014 Characterised by Security and Trust

I’ve attended EMC world every years since 2007 and for the past several years have coordinated the RSA sessions that are presented there. Once again this year there will be a lot of great content fo... Read More >>

Data Protection Redefined by EMC for a Software-Defined World

Requirements for data protection have changed over time.  This is in part because more systems and users are creating data, as well as the fact that enterprise applications are critical to nearly all... Read More >>

Art Coviello’s RSA Conference 2014 Keynote: An impassioned Perspective

As someone who speaks at many conferences and hears (and gives) many keynotes, I was struck by the extraordinary passion and commitment in Art Coviello’s keynote at RSA Conference US this week. His ... Read More >>

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