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Gross Disruptions Per Year (GDP)

I would image most of you are very familiar with the term “Gross Domestic Product” or GDP. GDP is the market value of all final goods and services from a nation in a given year. (more…)... Read More >>

2nd December, 2014

Is Your “Sneakernet” Protected?

Lady Backup may be showing her American roots here, but I can’t find a British alternative expression to “sneakernet...” Not all of my UK colleagues know what this means, so simply put “sne... Read More >>

30th October, 2014

Lotus F1 Partnership With EMC To Achieve Global Formula 1 Domination.

“The partnership between EMC and Lotus F1 Team provides us the IT technology we need to become world champion.”  Patrick Louis, CEO of Lotus F1 Team, on today’s announcement of a technology pa... Read More >>

IT Infrastructure from EMC Redefined Lotus F1 Team.

Formula One 2014 rule changes brought massive change and opportunity for the Lotus F1 Team. In order to design a competitive car, the team needed the best IT solutions available from EMC. Learn more a... Read More >>

The Payback from Backup Transformation – Part 3

Lady Backup will conclude this series looking at a recent IDC analysis that quantifies the business benefits from backup transformation.  In Part 2, we looked at the categories of savings from co... Read More >>

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