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Digitisation and the Automobile production line

The automotive industry is on the cusp of its biggest evolutionary change since the Far East started production in the 1960s. Car manufacturers are no longer just hardware producers; they are beginning to look more like software companies as they make their digital transformation journey. In this context, the product (i.e. the motor vehicle) and the consumer’s experience with it are rapidly shifting from the physical to digital. Getting the balance of cohesion and integration […]

8th August, 2016 IT Transformation,Manufacturing

Stephane Barberet

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Acting today to tackle the diseases of tomorrow

Today’s software is only as intelligent as the information it processes. But traditional software’s rigid structure does not allow for processes to evolve, change or adapt based on individual circumstances. And this is especially true for industries such as life sciences, where diseases can form and adapt over time. Drugs are currently being made to tackle diseases that exist today, but how can we prepare for new diseases that could exist in the future? There […]

25th July, 2016 Big Data,Public Sector

Stephane Barberet

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Why healthcare organisations should take the plunge with data lakes

With public sector funding cuts, healthcare organisations are continuing to look for ways to be more efficient in their day to day business. But healthcare organisations cannot improve efficiencies without analysing where the inefficiencies and opportunities lie. Using data is a great way to understand what is going on within the business. But with healthcare data being one of the fastest-growing segments in the digital universe, growing at 48 percent per year through 2020, according […]

James Norman

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