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Video of Elliott Young at the Cloud Circle forum on July 7.

EMC Consulting’s Elliott Young presented again at the Cloud Circle forum in July. In this interview, he goes through the key factors organisations need to bare in mind to move to Cloud computing (private, public or hybrid models) and IT-as-a-Service (Iaas): Understand what is active in your environment (Blueprinting): Understand the configurations Understand the workloads of services Understand the dependencies Once you have an understanding of the blueprint of your environment, you can start associating […]

19th August, 2011 Big Data,Cloud,Video

Ilana Lassman

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The Evolution of Conversation at EMC

“Socia Media”, “Social Networking”, etc… This is now part of our daily lives and this trend is only set to continue. Whether corporations want it or not, they cannot ignore the impact of everything social. At EMC, we embrace social media a new way of communicating with internal and external audiences. Suhela Dighe, aka “Suzy Spaatz” in the digital world, is our European social media guru and explains a few things on how “social” EMC […]

12th July, 2011 Social

Ilana Lassman

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The Digital Universe IDC Study – 2011 – Staggering Data Growth!

On Tuesday, June 28, EMC announced the results and implications of IDC’s Digital Universe Study, “Extracting Value from Chaos”, sponsored by EMC. This is the study’s fifth anniversary. IDC measures and forecasts the amount of digital information created and copied annually and analyzes the implications for individuals, enterprises, and IT professionals. There are huge economical, social and technology implications for big data and other opportunities. Key Study Findings: >The world’s data is doubling every two […]

30th June, 2011 Big Data,Cloud

Ilana Lassman

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