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Archive: September 2014

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Speaking Security For The Board

It seems to me that every time I have a conversation with a senior security executive or on the other side of the coin a board member, the feedback is always the same –they don’t understand each o... Read More >>

30th September, 2014

Vision and Execution: the Trusted World and Intelligence-Driven Security

In his keynote at the recent RSA Global Summitin Washington DC, Art Coviello spoke cogently and convincingly about the need for both vision and execution: “[We are] partners in a battle to create a ... Read More >>

25th September, 2014

How Many Ready Meals do we eat? Part 2

My previous blog discussed how UK consumers are investing in kitchen gadgets and watching cookery programs on TV but still continuing to devour ready meals.  The security industry faces the same dile... Read More >>

22nd September, 2014

How many ready meals do we eat?

In the UK, food and cookery programs have taken over prime viewing spots on television and the last series of BBC Bake Off resulted in a record audience.  The market for all things cooking including ... Read More >>

9th September, 2014

Embracing the Challenge of Security

As summer draws to a close, I resumed my usual heavy schedule of travel last week with a keynote at the SIGS Technology Summit in Bern, Switzerland at which Hugh Thompson also gave a keynote. (mor... Read More >>

4th September, 2014