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Archive: August 2014

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What can we do about Third Party Risk?

The recent Target breach is a really good example of Trusted Third Party (TTP) attacks have become commonplace with shuddering results.  Indeed the compromise on RSA a few years ago was not to attack... Read More >>

22nd August, 2014

The (In)Security of the IoT

Several announcements in July have focused attention on security vulnerabilities and risks in the Internet of Things. Siemens announced an update to fix vulnerabilities in its SIMATIC automation syste... Read More >>

15th August, 2014

Learning lessons from the BBC’s Black Swan

The BBC’s Digital Media Initiative (DMI) was envisioned not only to replace the old tape-driven system for sharing content, but to transform the whole production process, taking the BBC into the mod... Read More >>

11th August, 2014