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Archive: April 2014

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EMC Sponsors Human Face Of Big Data Project, Against All Odds Production.

The Human Face of Big Data project is a global snapshot of the world's transformation through data. Stories, images, and real-time digital information illustrate the impact of Big Data on the way we ... Read More >>

30th April, 2014

Sustainability Is Integral to EMC As A Leading 21st Century Company.

EMC is building a business with sustainability at the core that reflects the needs and sensibilities of our customers—cutting energy use, reducing waste and greenhouse gases, managing social and env... Read More >>

28th April, 2014

Reinventing Government: EMC’s support of leading think tank Policy Exchange.

EMC is supporting leading think tank Policy Exchange in writing a Technology Manifesto to advise and challenge reinventing government for the next elections in 2015. On Friday 4th April, EMC brought t... Read More >>

25th April, 2014

Digital Universe Study by EMC With Research & Analysis From IDC.

The EMC Digital Universe study recently launched its seventh edition. This highly anticipated study always makes a big splash because it focuses industry attention on the incredible growth rates of ... Read More >>

22nd April, 2014

IT Infrastructure from EMC Redefined Lotus F1 Team.

Formula One 2014 rule changes brought massive change and opportunity for the Lotus F1 Team. In order to design a competitive car, the team needed the best IT solutions available from EMC. Learn more a... Read More >>

17th April, 2014

EMC world 2014 Characterised by Security and Trust

I’ve attended EMC world every years since 2007 and for the past several years have coordinated the RSA sessions that are presented there. Once again this year there will be a lot of great content fo... Read More >>

17th April, 2014

Window XP Rest in Peace

Last week Microsoft finally stopped support and updates for Windows XP.  Windows XP might rest in peace but for millions of PC’s still running this operating system peace is the last thing they wil... Read More >>

15th April, 2014

Data Protection Redefined by EMC for a Software-Defined World

Requirements for data protection have changed over time.  This is in part because more systems and users are creating data, as well as the fact that enterprise applications are critical to nearly all... Read More >>

1st April, 2014