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Re-envisioning your Information Goldmine with Artificial Intelligence

A few weeks ago, I was in Moscow with one of our customers in the financial services industry discussing their over 1,400 legacy-application decommissioning issue. They were looking for a modern and lightweight architected solution that could grant the chain of custody and compliance preservation for  their data and content, allowing full decommissioning of their old legacy systems once for all. ROI for this use case is relatively easy to calculate and in the order […]

22nd August, 2016 IT Transformation

Michele Vaccaro

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The next evolutionary stage of the automotive industry

In my last post, “Digitisation and the automobile production line”, I talked about how automobile manufacturers are starting to embrace digitisation and how this could be fine-tuned to improve the customer purchase and production process. This kind of innovation is often referred to in the context of new entrants to the market, such as Tesla, but it really marks a more substantial shift across the marketplace. In this post, I’ll be looking at how digitisation […]

16th August, 2016 Big Data,IT Transformation,Storage

Stephane Barberet

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Digitisation and the Automobile production line

The automotive industry is on the cusp of its biggest evolutionary change since the Far East started production in the 1960s. Car manufacturers are no longer just hardware producers; they are beginning to look more like software companies as they make their digital transformation journey. In this context, the product (i.e. the motor vehicle) and the consumer’s experience with it are rapidly shifting from the physical to digital. Getting the balance of cohesion and integration […]

8th August, 2016 IT Transformation,Manufacturing

Stephane Barberet

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