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Six things financial services tech leaders need to consider around #opensource

At a recent meeting of technical leaders in the financial services community, we hosted a rich and vibrant discussion around the role of open source […]

22nd May, 2015 Financial Services

Wai Hung Wan

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Must see highlights from #HybridCloudChat – a different perspective on cloud

“An external cloud can become a hotel California. When your (Big) data is there, you can check out whenever you want, but [you] can never […]

20th May, 2015 Cloud,IT Transformation

Suhela Dighe

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I have a theory about cloud.

For many, it’s been hailed as a revolution. And it is. But it’s the same kind of revolution we saw with industrialisation – things that […]

14th May, 2015 News

Hans Timmerman

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