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Why healthcare organisations should take the plunge with data lakes

With public sector funding cuts, healthcare organisations are continuing to look for ways to be more efficient in their day to day business. But healthcare organisations cannot improve efficiencies without analysing where the inefficiencies and opportunities lie. Using data is a great way to understand what is going on within the business. But with healthcare data being one of the fastest-growing segments in the digital universe, growing at 48 percent per year through 2020, according […]

James Norman

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The time for telehealth is now!

A few weeks ago at eHealth Week, the topic of telehealth kept coming up in discussions. Not to state the obvious, but telehealth involves using technology to enable healthcare professionals to remotely monitor data on certain aspects of a patient’s health. At its core, it is essentially the remote monitoring of patient health data wherever they might be. A few years ago, research was undertaken by the Department of Health, which revealed that adding telehealth […]

James Norman

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GDPR Post Brexit – Are You Getting Ready?

The European General Data Protection Regulation presents the most significant change to data protection in the UK and EU since 1995.  It’s been discussed in the EU for the last four years so hopefully, they have taken that time to ensure that in practical terms it will work.

4th July, 2016 News,Security

Rashmi Knowles

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