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Could IoT help to sustain the NHS?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly becoming the new telemedicine. Just a few weeks ago it was announced that the NHS introduced some new major trials to improve patient care. At the World Economic Forum, NHS England Chief Executive, Simon Stevens, pronounced the launch of the first wave of NHS Innovation ‘Test Beds.’ These are collaborative projects between the NHS and other service providers, to address some of the issues facing patients and the […]

James Norman

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Digital transformation in the insurance industry

In my last blog I spoke about what digital transformation actually means. In my next few posts, I’ll talk about what it means to different industries. Let’s start our quest for the real meaning of digital transformation from the perspective of the insurance world, an industry which stands to benefit hugely from trends we’re seeing in the market. First, is the unstoppable and wide spread transformation from a product centered business model to a service […]

20th June, 2016 IT Transformation

Michele Vaccaro

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The Wearable Effect – how data from wearables can be used in a medical environment

Many wearable devices are currently used for general wellness and monitoring, but it poses the question as to whether they should be used in a medical environment. According to IDC, the worldwide wearables market is forecast to reach 126.1 million units in 2019. At present, wearable devices are used voluntarily and are recommended as part of the Wellness model which requires a proactive and personalised approach, rather than a reactive ‘illness driven’ one.  However, whilst […]

James Norman

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