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What do you get if you combine Software Defined with All Flash?

The long-waited “Day 1” has happened, and now I am a proud member of the team at Dell EMC, part of Dell Technologies, the new IT powerhouse on the market. A lot has been (and will be) said on the deal, so I will not bore you with additional details on the transaction itself. Instead, I want to point to an announcement that is the first direct consequence of the combined Dell EMC offering: ScaleIO Ready […]

23rd September, 2016 News

Antonio Romeo

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5 Hard-Facts that make the case for Software-Defined Storage

In my post, “Why software defined storage is a topic for the boardroom?” I have recently discussed the importance of discussing investments in the Software Defined Storage are at the board level. But in today’s ROI driven IT discussions, opinion isn’t enough to sway decision-makers. But a new study from IDC has taken things a step further, interviewing organizations who’ve implemented SDS to illustrate its proven quantifiable benefits with hard facts. According to the report, those who’ve done so will realize […]

12th September, 2016 News

Antonio Romeo

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A Software-only Version of Isilon: IsilonSD Edge

For more than a decade, Isilon has been delivered as an appliance, based on standard x64 servers using internal disks on which the scale out filesystem resides. Beside the scale-out character of the system and the ease of use, I strongly believe that the appliance idea is one of the main reasons for the success of Isilon (and even other NAS appliances in the market). You get everything pre-installed, pre-tested, pre-optimized and easy to support […]

9th September, 2016 News

Stefan Radtke

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